2010 Photos       

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                        OWLS -Captain's Trophy Trial Penshurst 28.12.2010

                        Witley Boxing Day Hare and Hounds 26.12.2010

                        SCGroup Faygate 12.12.2010

                   SEC Mutton Lancers 28.11.2010

                   Portsmouth MCC Hare & Hounds Castle Rowland 21.11.10

                        EDMCC Copford Farm 20.11.2010

                   SEC Witley Charlie Wake Trial 13.11.2010

                        SCG Durrants Farm 7.11.2010

                   Worthing Brian Fowler National 31.10.2010

                   GEST Crabtree Farm 17.10.10

                       EDMCC Squirrel Wood 16.10.2010

                   SCG Moor Hall 10.10.10

                       Weald of Kent 4.10.2010 

                  British Nat'l Cowden 26.9.2010 

                       British Nat'l Practice at Cowden 25.9.2010

                  SEC Wickham Harvest Trial 19.9.2010

                   Les 4 Jours De La Creuse, Sardent July 2010 by Cliff and Mike

                       EDMCC Little Holmstead  18.9.2010

                         Bognor 'The Colonel 'Adder Brown Memorial Trial 4.9.2010

                       GEST Rushlake Green 4.9.2010 Photos courtesy of Peter Harrison

                  SEC The Langmaid 22.8.2010 - very few pics due to the rain 

                      EDMCC Chapmans Town 21.8.2010 

                 Worthing, Wiston 15.8.2010

                     SCG The Old Quarry Betchworth 8.8.2010

                 SEC Man of Kent 25.7.2010 

                     GEST Evening Trial Rushlake Green 24.7.2010

                      EDMCC Broad Oak, Brede 24.7.2010 

                      SCG Iford 11.7.2010 

                      SEC Whitley Mill 4.7.2010 

                 SEC Lighthouse Trial 27.6.2010  http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj92/canada_heights/2010%20Eastbourne%20Lighthouse%20Trial/

                       GEST  Evening Trial Bethersden 26.6.20010

                  British National St David's 20.6.2010.  A few blurry shots! For top rider pics go to R2W Trials website 

  Also many thanks to the two volunteer minders Stuart at Merthyr, and Stephen W of Dulais club at St David's who both gave up their time and made a huge difference to Thomas' confidence in the sections.

               EDMCC Brooklands 19.6.2010

                      SCG Birchanger 13.6.2010 

                      SEC Inter Club Team Trial 6.6.2010

                       SEC Hook Wood Cup 31.5.2010

                      Merthyr Tydfil British National 30.5.2010  

                     Bognor  Miscombe  23.5.2010

              GEST Evening Trial - Allens' Wood  22.5.2010

                      EDMCC Little Holmstead Farm 15.5.2010

               SCG Rome Woods 9.5.2010

                      GEST - Heathfield 2.05.2010 Drizzle all the way

                      IOW 2 Day - Cheverton Day 2

                     IOW 2 Day - Knightons Day 1

               GEST Presentation Evening 17.4.2010

              EDMCC Moor Hall Club Trial  April 2010

                  s EDMCC Moor Hall 17.4.2010 Schoolboys AM

                    NKTC Whitepost 11.4.2010   

                    EDMCC Good Friday Trial  Hourne Farm 2.4.2010

                    SEC Richard Bartlett Trial 28.3.2010

                    RRND March Club trial  March 2010

                   Eastbourne Presentation Evening 20.3.2010

             Eastbourne & DMCC Attwood Farm 20.3.2010

                    NKTC Sandfields 14.3.2010   

                    GEST Morghew Farm 7.3.2010                    

                    Eastbourne & DMCC  - Squirrell Wood 20.2.2010

                     South Coast Group Blacklands 14.2.2010

                     SEC Walker Memorial 7.2.10 

                     OWLS/GEST  Penshurst 31.1.10

                     SEC The Dunlop 24.1.2010  

                        Sidcup Sixty 17/1/2010

                     Folkestone New Year's Trial at Hook Woods 3.1.2010